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Q: I'm really glad God lead me to your blog at this time! It's a great help. Thanks and God bless you. x

You’re so welcome Love!

Its such an amazing honor, blessing, beyond this life that it is helping you in any way 

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Q: Your blog is beautiful.. Thankyou! Xxx


you’re beautiful. In every possible way 

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Q: So, here I am again. The girl who dreamed about a random guy and in the next day saw a pic of him. I discover who he is, cause he went to a tv show of my country after the end of the World Cup. I know his name and that he has two sisters. The other day I came to college and they are offering a student exchange program to learn Deutsch. I freak out. It sounded like God was trying to show me something. And there's a ill opportunity of me to go to Germany. I am happy but wants to see how will end.

Girl, i’m still astounded how imperfectly perfect it’s going for you! It seems unreal. Keep praying that it is still indeed God’s will, that you are at the right place at the right time, and to have joy-hope-peace-laughter at this time before he steps in to your life!

keep me updated :))))))))

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Q: Hi! I just wanted to say to you ask about the girl switching to Catholicism that we do believe in the power of grace:)


I do agree that some Catholics do believe in the complete power of grace! There are some/most who believe that good works is supreme, it’s what counts in inheriting heaven, rather than believing grace is why we inherit heaven. It’s not dependent on what we do, or how good we are 

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Q: I'm incredibly insecure about my body and I don't think it's attractive at all. I eat as well as I can and I exercise daily, but I'm afraid this is just what my body is meant to look like and I hate it so much :( I just can't love myself and I have a difficult time believing anyone else would ever actually be attracted to me.


As someone who tries to exercise here and there, have you hit a plateau? Perhaps modify your exercise regimen and routine that your body will become ‘confused’ then move on from the plateau. The body is always willing to change, it never stops changing. 

Darling, you may not love yourself. But Christ’s love is so deep, so wide, so alive, it helps you love yourself when you cannot. He’s big enough to sustain your self-love when you can’t while He loving you for who you are. Don’t compare yourself. Your body, just like that girl, and that other girl is made in His image. It’s beautiful, glorious, and good. 

Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Focus on Christ, that’s where true beauty flows from, that’s where confidence as I like to call god-fidence since it’s not our own confidence, comes from. Look to Him, what He says, you find out in the pages of the Bible. Insecurity fades away, and no matter how you may look. Your ideal or your non-ideal weight. You know you’re accepted and loved the way you are. Your confidence is what is attractive. The right guy will be attracted you and all of you. No matter how your body looks like. 

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Q: I've been following your blog for a little while now and it's been so helpful! Do you know of any other Christian bloggers that you would recommend? ❤️

They are so many that exist, I can’t write them all. And if I do write them, I may not name all since I do not know all the awesome ones, for I haven’t discovered them either. 

I encourage you to also look for them, it’s like finding gem stones among this great site of tumblr! ❤ 

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Q: Sorry! This next question isn't dating-related.. My boyfriend & I are mourning the death of our close friend, who commited suicide & Due to many other people w mutual friends commiting suicide lately, my facebook newsfeed has been filled with people preaching through their statuses on how suicide is a sin etc. I know most of what they say is true but it really annoys me cause it seems like the wrong timing for it cause so many of us are mourning.. Am I wrong to feel like this? :( xx


Your question may not be dating related, but it is feelings related. Which is anything that happens to us. All questions are always welcomed!

I agree, it may feel as if it’s not the right time to speak of suicide in such way. Most times, truth, is difficult to absorb when a devastating event like this happens. We as humans, want to be comforted with happy thoughts, of the situation and which part of eternity the deceased may be now part of.

As difficult as this situation may be, and any trialing, awful, situation that happens to us, truth remains truth. Only in the truth will there be joy after the mourning, only in truth will we not wander to being decieved from what the world may say. Truth helps us to process the situation that we may still be sane, warn others, all the while starting the healing process. 

When it’s annoying, ‘hide’ their comments, take a break of social media, or anything you would want to do. Keep hope Love ❤ 

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Q: Hi there :) For awhile now I've had feelings for this guy. He's a Christian too, but He's not exactly where he should be with God, which troubles me, and I know that nothing could happen between unless he becomes more serious in his faith. I've been praying for so long that God would show me clarity regarding all of this, because why should I be crushing on a guy who doesn't stand strong for Christianity? I want and need a guy who does. I no longer know what to do except keep praying, I guess.

Hi there!

This was me last fall, except I wasn’t sure if the guy even grew up in a christian home(he wasnt vocal), but he had these morals…. it was slightly confusing

All there is to do is pray Darling, there’s a reason you are in his life and he is in your life. I didn’t think there was one as I went through this. But now I know, your prayers are doing a 1000 things you may or may not see. Just being a mediator in the spiritual realm between him and Christ is one of the greatest things you could do to someone. You become an intercessor. Christ is the one who is drawing you to keep praying, He’s allowing this season for that guy’s benefit - even though he may not know, and for your benefit. I say for your benefit too, because you praying for him, isn’t an accident, you’re learning more and more to being faithful to God, listening to God, being strong in faith, trusting God more and more with your love life. You just become more of a proverbs 31 woman when you seek the Lord about this. It shows, that you do place God over everything else in your life if you voluntarily offer this precious part of you - your love life to Him. You, your heart, and everything just becomes more and more like Christs’. Keep praying ❤ 

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Q: My boyfriend was brought up in a strong Catholic family & I also had a strong Christian upbringing, except my Dad is a Pastor - who doesn't see denominations as being a division, He only worries about our (my family) having salvation through Jesus.. My boyfriend & I do plan on marrying one day & I would definitely convert to Catholicism (before marrying).. My parents don't mind, but do you think this is biblically wrong? Do you think God would mind if I do that? I'm abit worried! :(


All that matters is you keep your personal relationship with Jesus. Know He died for you and all that says in the Bible is true. You could be Catholic or a Jew. Catholicism and Judaism are more of rules, regulation, customs, good works, not really believing in the power of grace. However, one can be saved and be either. That is all that matters. Jesus first. 


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Q: So my feelings for a certain gentleman has begun to grow and honestly I do not know what to do. He really is an amazing man of God and he's incredibly sweet. I sound really girlish when I say this but when I hug him, it's such a safe feeling! (he's like 6'4 and I'm 5'3) I haven't had a boyfriend since I have become a follower of Christ so I don't really know what to so in these situations...


I dunno what to do in these situations either, other than trying to be true to God and oneself. 

When you’re true to God, offer Him this feelings and this boy to Him, being completely vulnerable. He will guide you in what to do and usually what to say ❤ 

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Q: Where do you get that "when sin is king we find ourselves sinking" quote? I really like it!


The quotes which I usually post, and not sourced, are usually words that come to me. However this specific one came from a message my youth pastor was preaching over. 

I’m glad you really like it!

Stay blessed ❤ 

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"   Christ is present in our future as He is present in our today; trust He has you, your dreams, and your dream person in the palm of His hand.   "