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This page is deeply rooted in the Bible
All for the glory of God, and Him alone
Bounded in raw truth
Never meant to appease men
But inspire men to the likings of Christ
"   God will shake your love life
that you see He’s number one.
Until then, He wouldn’t give you
that special person until you see
and understand within your
soul that He is sovergn,
is the only one that matters,
and that He is a God who gives
and takes away all things   "
"   His plan > Mine   "
"   On that judgement day, I want God to look at how I lived my life with a sense of humble pride that yes, this is my child. Instead of the world being proud I lived according to its norms   "
"   Single or married, my concern isn’t my current relationship status or if it will change. I am not worried about figuring it out. All I want to be consumed with is loving, serving, worshiping, knowing, and living for Jesus Christ.   "

// What if God has set me aside for the single life? 

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"   In every emotion
remember to look unto Christ;
during the sad and
joyous moments,
to the heartbreaking
and on-top-of-the-world feeling
look to Christ   "
Q: My best friend and I like the same guy. He knows. The one thing is that he told her he didn't feel that way about her but he hasn't necessarily told me that he does or doesn't like me. I'm extremely confused.

Hey Love,

Don’t wait on the guy’s response and don’t put your eggs in this one basket. Him not saying anything, is saying something and everything too. 

I must be biased and say, bows before bros :) Don’t fight or let this one guy get in between you and your bestie’s friendship. In all honesty, boys come and go, unless you’re marrying them, and i’m sure you aren’t looking to get married anytime soon…? Your bestie is a bestie for a reason, she’s been there, and she’ll be there. Let this guy go even if he may like you back. Let this guy go even if he may secretly like your bestie. If you both choose him over one another, your friendship is identified as not worth it. There’s no good in this. Its black and white. 

Talk to your bestie about it, pray over it, and pray over it together. Doing this, with anything this will strengthen your friendship! ❤ 

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Q: Love your blog. Do you have a Twitter we can follow? :)

Hey beautiful!

It’s just tumblr,thankyou for the love ❤ 

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Q: I'm in a difficult position. With all my heart, I desire to get married soon (or at least be in a relationship). I'm finding myself feeling so alone because of this and as a result, I have been stumbling into sexual sin. I understand that in the bible it states that if you cannot remain pure, to get married. I'm struggling because a man who is interested in me and one that I like in return has not entered my life. Do you have any advice? Thank you in advance :)

Hey Hun!

I was having this conversation with my lovely mom earlier today. About wanting to be in a relationship, since in honesty I want one especially this year. 

She said, don’t give yourself a deadline. Whether that it be this year, next year, or two years from now. God doesn’t move in deadlines. He moves at the right time. Don’t rush yourself,  if you do so, you will find yourself settling for whatever comes along. And it not necessarily being the right guy. The right guy could be at your friends wedding, volunteering setting, class, church, or wherever. He could come three years from now, or three months from today. Continue to be faithful to God. He has that person’s name on them, and they may not know, and vice versa. 

The right guy will come, and when he comes, Christ will be glorified. The little things that the guy is will remind you that wow, God created this ‘perfection’, and He gave me him all to myself. Wow, thank you God. I’ve seen this happen, a fellow friend(older than me) got engaged and raves how her and her guy’s relationship is such a living example of how Christ is to us. She just can’t stop raving.

Hold on to the fact God hasn’t forgotten you, even though it may feel like He has (been here, still here, but He reminds His child He hasn’t forgotten). Remain faithful, pray for the qualities you want in that guy, walk away from all that counters this. We can’t serve two masters. Enjoy this single time :) ❤ 

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Q: Hi! So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 9 months now and I'm really praying that he gets to know Christ and have a personal relationship with Him. I'm glad that I can share some things about our faith and I'm thankful for that. He acknowledges that I am a very supportive girlfriend. However, I really hope that he can attend my church soon. We're living in the fear that my dad may find out. Any insights on what else I can do? :(

Hey Love,

Does your dad not approve of this particular guy, or about dating in general? Try hinting the topic to your dad, he may still view as his little girl than a growing woman. 

It’s awesome that you care for your boyfriend’s spiritual state. That’s love right here. Not saying you are in love with him, but it’s genuine love when someone cares for the spiritual condition of someone. With this said, it’s tough, and near impossible to win someone over to Christ. Christ is the one that wins souls. Keep being that light you are, however, when you date the guy in the hopes of he having a personal relationship with Christ, when you do. It’s exhausting both spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It’s trying to keep both of you afloat when the boat is meant to only hold one. 

Pray about this diligently, read the word, and be ready to hear what God may be saying. It could go in your favor, or His favor - which is not always what we want, but need ❤ 

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Q: I'm just so stuck! I like this guy at my school, but he's not a Christian. He's so funny and nice and I like him a lot. Today he wanted to hug me but I didn't hug him and now I feel really bad I'm just so confused and need help.

Hey Hun!

You can certainly hug the guy - just don’t lead him on, knowing you won’t bend your principles/morals just to date him! I say this, since friends can hug. 

Your flesh, heart, and mind, may like him. Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. It is your spirit, learning from the Holy Spirit that he should be someone you should be cautious of. Since he isn’t God’s son. Be cautious of what is speaking to you, your spirit, mind, or heart. That way you may listen to the Spirit above all. The Spirit is God, as they are three in the Trinity. Abide in the Spirit, despite what your emotions/soul, mind, body may be telling you regarding this beautiful boy ❤ 

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