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Q: I'm heartbroken from a guy I fell in love w/over the summer. & I just want to blog my feelings so much but I told no1 about him as I didnt wana speak too soon. I run a Christian blog & I feel like I cant blog about love/heartbreak bc I have a friend who follows me that likes me & I know he'll ask me abt it but he has no idea I was even intersted in sum1. Maybe it sounds silly but I just want to vent my heartbreak; not details abt it but just love posts just to get it out but I feel like I cant?

Hey Love,

It’s never a good thing to vent on social media per se. It will always be there and everyone will always see. There’s the possibility that a couple weeks later or even hours you’ll look on it and see how ‘angry’, ‘sad’, ‘mean’ the post you wrote is and be shocked that it is actually you, cause it’s not really you. I think there are exceptions to venting on social media when it’s done tastefully. Like some things that I post are ‘venting’ excerpts from a Christ follower. It doesn’t look like venting since it’s not all emotionally driven, Christ is in the center. 

You could always vent on a journal, a song, most importantly to God.

We may have our blogs as a personal medium, but we never know who we may influence or reach to, so it’s important to have your blog in the way your reputation and the content is pleasing to God ❤ 

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Q: So there's this guy who I'm not physically attracted to but his heart is focused on God first and in school as well and I really like that... my family thinks he's a great guy and they want me to start talking to him... what should I do?

Hey Love,

Only if you want to should you. Physical attraction is a significant aspect to all humans, even Christians. *gasp* But it shouldn’t be all, if his heart is after God, to a Christian, that person should be more attractive. Parallel to a heart after the world, that heart is unattractive to the Lord, therefore it, and the person overall usually is unattractive to us Christians. 

If you like his heart, then you can talk with him, if you don’t want to start talking to him, that’s okay too. It should be your choice. It’s your heart that could potentially get entangled to another, so its your choice ❤ 

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Q: It is kind of complicated but here it goes. About 10 months ago I broke up with my boyfriend at the time because I felt that God didn't want us to be together. During the time we were dating I got him to start coming to church again since he had fallen away from faith. After our breakup he seemed to run to God since that was the main reason for our breakup. Now: I haven't seen him at church for awhile and he is starting to hang out with a girl that he said was crazy and annoying.Just pray for us


This is awful,. But as you mentioned, all you can do is pray, all I can do is pray. If you can be friends with him, if you want to, and if it’s possible, be friends with him. That way you may continue being a constant light shining in his near proximity ❤ 

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Q: hey .. I have been asking God for an encounter with Him I want to see him and touch him I want to feel his presence and I want to never be the same after I want a life changing unforgettable experience with The Lord I keep asking but I'm not sure if he is going to I am crazy inlove with just the thought of really seeing him or seeing angels I want to have that amazing encounter . what should I do?


Be careful what you ask, because He will give you what you ask, and it’s going to be amazing. Yet frightening since it’s so awesome and you wouldn’t believe its happening, but it’s happening. 

Reach out to Him, and He’ll meet you where you are. Be faithful to Him, set time just for Him and again He’ll meet you where you are ❤ 

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Q: I have very bad insecurities and I don't know what to do. I always think other girls are prettier than me and that I am not as good as other girls I get jealous or feel really ugly around other girls who I feel like they look a lot better I even get mad at my boyfriend for looking at girls or anything and i don't want to make him want to cheat on me cus I accuse him sometimes when he says he doesn't do anything behind my back. but it's so hard to feel like I'm good enough to be his only girl:(

Hey Hun,

The root of insecurities i personally believe is comparing yourself to another. Don’t compare yourself with another. If that girl is gorgeous- admire it, admit it, but don’t compare yourself to her. Who you are and what you look like is not at all depended on who she may be and how she may look like. 

When you feel lowly, when insecurities try to creep on you, rest in what God says over you because that is what really matters. Your identity is who He says you are not at all from things He created —> people. 

Have faith and rest on Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Isiah 43:4 Since you have been precious and honored in my sight, and I have loved you; therefore I will give people in your place, and nations instead of your life.

Jeremiah 31:3 The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

It’s crucial to pray when you feel inadequate, seek what He says about you(Bible), and have faith you’re more than enough as He says you are. This is what He made possible when He hung on that cross - that you may see how He sees you, your eternal worth. Any less of a view about yourself and of others is not from Him, it’s from the world. Let’s not the world win hun ❤ 

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"   If (s)he’s not chasing after your heart
but is after you
don’t be deceived, (s)he’s only
after one thing
be wise daughter, be wise son   "
"   "Wear your heart on your sleeve"’

No, guard your heart, from it flow the
springs of life   "
Referencing Proverbs 4:23
"   Purity is thinking and living the way Christ does. Not just the absence of dirty things   "
"   Ladies,
let him work for your heart
may there be trials, hot schorching summers,
long winters, parched deserts,
heavy floods, before he can
say he stole your heart.
What he considers an easy quest
will result in a temporary,
not respected affair
Rest your heart in Christ
and the right one will cross endless seas
for you and your heart,
because he sees your eternal value
as Christ does,
and that is you being worth pursuing
despite the cost   "
Q: hey I have a lot of things that I've done in my past with multiple multiple people and I have asked God to take that pain and shame away and just the feeling of my past haunting me . I think it's the devil trying to bring me down. I feel disgusted with my self some times and I get really sad I'm only 18 and I've done things with over 30+ partners I sometimes feel like I am always going to feel like a slut . I stop having sex and I don't want to have sex until I'm married but I'm still hurt

Hey Love,

Your past is exactly that, your past. Yes, there are consequences of having sex before marriage - guilt, shame, like no other. The devil is indeed trying to put you down by reminding you of your past. But that’s the it, he’s trying to put you down, trying. He can’t put you down unless you allow him to. 

Hold on to the truth that one drop of Christ shed blood was more than enough to wash away your guilt, shame, sadness, and worry that accompanied being with 30+ people. The Cross is so much bigger, than any sin you could do and have ever done. That’s what matters, that’s what will ever matter, your past is your past and all the feelings it brought. It may be difficult to see and accept that this pure Love, Christ, could ever want to to reach down to sinners like us, but believe it, that’s faith. Holiness wants to claim you in every way, His arms are open wide, all you have to do is have faith and receive the forgiveness He has for you and just rest in what He says you are, not what you did.

As you meditate that you’re indeed forgiven, seek Him that you may become more and more like Him. For example. we can’t pursue waiting until marriage if He’s not being sought. Since He’s the one who desires for us to remain pure. We can’t become or pursue purity by ourselves, we’re sinners, we can’t, we must pursue Him that way we may pursue purity. Not only sexually, but our hearts, and minds. Purity is thinking and living the way Christ does. Not just the absence of dirty things. 


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Q: hey, me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months we talk about marriage a lot but I want to make sure this is what God wants and what he really wants because I have been hurt a lot in the past and I'm afraid to get hurt again I do trust him I just worry because guys have always been good at lying and manipulating me into thinking that they truly care I know he cares and loves me . his mom wants me to move in and I do too but I want to be married first and make sure he won't ever hurt me?

Hey Darlin’

I totally agree with you, moving in should happen after he puts the second ring on your finger. It’s impossible to play wife and honor God when you aren’t married. Not only will there be a fierce temptation to give into sexual immorality, but there’s your heart not being guarded. Marriage, not that I am in one, but I have observed a few things, like: in marriage you get to know each other in every form - what time the other brushes their teeth to what really frustrates them. This can be overwhelming, especially when you aren’t ready to handle it. Your heart is prematurely placed in such situations that could wear it, or even prematurely open it. I say prematurely opened since love take times to develop, when love isn’t developed or is rushed by moving in with a person or etc..its like trying to open a rose that hasn’t bloomed yet. You may damage the rose. Which is your heart.

Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

If he is who he says he is, be at liberty to tell him your stance. That you want to get married before you move in, this way you wont be playing wife. In all honestly that’s what happens when two unmarried people do when they live together, they play wifey and hubby. When those roles are only exclusive to wives and husbands. 

Telling him this doesn’t automatically mean you want to marry him, it means that’s what you want to happen before you marry the right guy. Let him chase after your heart, don’t place it on your sleeve, let him pursue you, make him reasonably jump hurdles to win your heart. This will help you see if he’s in it for the long run, see his true motives, and will leave no room for your heart to be hurt.

Pray for your heart to be restored, and to be made whole, Christ will walk with you every step of the way. He’s capable of wiping the bruises, and deep wounds that may be on your heart. Trust He can and rest in the fact that He already is 


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